3 Atlanta Falcons that must adjust for the season to turn around

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Ryan Nielsen and Jerry Gray

The Atlanta Falcons defensive coaches were being given a lot of credit early on and it was all deserved. The last two weeks have been a very different story for Atlanta's defensive unit. The loss of Grady Jarrett has shown but that isn't what is causing the consistent busts in coverage. You have two great corners and one of the best safeties in the game.

Atlanta must make the needed adjustment to get more consistent pressure on the quarterback and not have the busts they have against both Josh Dobbs and Will Levis. While Kyler Murray is coming off of a serious injury the quarterback is far more talented than either of the two quarterbacks that have beaten the Falcons.

One easy adjustment is giving Arnold Ebiketie and Atlanta's young pass rushing options more snaps. Clearly, Lorenzo Carter and Bud Dupree are great run defenders, however, neither is striking a lot of fear into the opposing quarterback. Put your best pass rushers on the field more often and find ways to make Murray feel uncomfortable early as he attempts to come back from a serious injury.