3 Atlanta Falcons that must improve to keep playoff hopes alive

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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2. Bijan Robinson

If you want to blame Arthur Smith for Robinson's lack of touches that is more than fair. However, Robinson deserves some heat as well for his level of play. Going up against one of the worst teams in the league Robinson had zero positive impact. The most memorable play for the young rookie was a fumble that helped push the game in the wrong direction.

It is completely understandable why all the attention of last week goes to Ridder's terrible interception. If we are being fair though that same energy should be given to the young rookie who helped to fumble the game away and didn't have a positive impact.

Whether it is the blocking, Smith's usage, or simply hitting the rookie wall Robinson hasn't had the expected impact down the stretch. Give Tyler Allgeier credit for what he is accomplishing and realize that Robinson isn't living up to his potential. It isn't at all shocking to see the rookie lose yardage or take the ball for a yard or two. Robinson was brought to Atlanta to be the final piece in a great run game.

A run game that gave Atlanta identity last year around Allgeier, Patterson, and Huntley. This season despite adding Robinson the team has lost this edge.