3 Atlanta Falcons that must improve to upset the New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages
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1. Arthur Smith

There is a very real possibility that the Atlanta Falcons head coach isn't only coaching for the season today but for his own job. Better coaches have been fired for less than what Arthur Blank has watched each of the last three games.

The quarterback management, offensive calls, late-game situational coaching, and pressers have all demonstrated why Smith is on the hot seat. The head coach continues ot make things worse refusing to consistently give the ball to his star players. That must change this week and Smith must show an ability to win a big game. Another loss may not get Smith fired this season, however, it should be the end of any consideration of bringing him back in the 2024 season.

Smith badly needs to put the ball in the hands of Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Kyle Pitts consistently. If you're coaching for your job show an ability to adjust and change what has been a failed offensive strategy in the 2023 season. Winning this game ahead of taking on the Tim Boyle led Jets significantly cools down Smith's seat and allows this team to feel they can still turn things around. Another loss after the bye and perhaps Arthur Blank reconsiders Smith finishing the season.