3 Atlanta Falcons that must improve to upset the New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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2. Desmond Ridder

After the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff defended Desmond Ridder all season long they jumped at the first excuse to make a change. Ridder was cleared after being pulled out of the game and didn't return to the lineup for that game or the next two. We are nearly a full season into evaluating Demsond and we have one great game to defend against consistent turnovers and poor decision-making.

Ridder has the ability to make every NFL throw, however, the quarterback has made far too many rookie mistakes this season without the big play payoff. Ridder is all of the risk and very rarely gives you a chance at finding the big play to balance it out. A lot of this can be blamed on Smith's passing attack and poor decision-making. However, Ridder staring down his receivers or gift-wrapping the ball to the defense clearly isn't on the head coach.

Desmond has his second chance and is going to need an amazing finish to claim the starting job moving forward. A lot will be forgotten and forgiven if Ridder can beat Atlanta's hated rival and protect the football in his return to the starting lineup.