3 Atlanta Falcons that must step up in pivotal divisional matchup

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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3. Any pass catcher not named Drake London

Desmond Ridder deserves the blame for his consistent turnovers and staring down receivers. However, Ridder hasn't been helped by Arthur Smith's passing schemes or the lack of a consistent pass catcher after Drake London. Kyle Pitts has had his health and ability questioned not producing to the level expected for the second straight season.

Van Jefferson and Scotty Miller both have been great depth pieces but far from consistent. Mack Hollins most memorable moment this season was yelling on the sidelines. The point here being there simply isn't one pass catcher that this team can rely on to have a big day after London. Jonnu Smith has had great games but isn't consistently a threat.

Atlanta is going to need a second target to emerge and help take the pressure off of London in this game. Perhaps Bijan and Desmond will finally get on the same page in the passing game or Pitts will have a statement game he so badly needs. Regardless of where it comes from it is a clear need if the Falcons are going to keep up with the Tampa Bay offense.