3 Atlanta Falcons that should have been cut in latest roster moves

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2. Jalen Mayfield

It has been a rough three seasons in the league for Jalen Mayfield. The third-year guard entered the league as a starter for the Falcons and hopeful to be the left guard of the future. Jalen was a complete mess as a starter struggling to block the air in front of him in pass protection and allowing Matt Ryan to take an absolute beating during the veteran's final season in Atlanta.

Injuries and better options last season ended any chance of redemption for Mayfield and left the tackle hoping for a chance in year three. At the end of free agency, it appeared Mayfield would get that chance without any clear starter at left guard and an open competition likely on the horizon.

Instead, the Falcons used their second pick in the draft to add Matthew Bergeron and now clearly have their starting line locked into place. Mayfield is no longer a starting option and cannot be relied on as a backup.

With Justin Shaffer coming into camp looking to be in great condition and ready to contribute it is time for Atlanta to admit their mistake and cut Mayfield. There are better backup options on the roster and it is clear it is time to move on from one of the few draft mistakes this regime has made.