3 Atlanta Falcons that should have been cut in latest roster moves

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3. Logan Woodside

Unlike the first two players on this list, Logan Woodside isn't a clear and obvious cut, however, it is clear he isn't making the roster. The backup spot is Taylor's and Atlanta isn't going to carry three quarterbacks on their roster leaving Woodside as an option only if the veteran is willing to stick around after being cut.

If you're Atlanta and you get to your third quarterback it is already desperation time. Perhaps there is an argument for keeping Woodside as a mentor for Ridder, however, it would be far more interesting to see Austin Aune or other unknown options at the position throughout camp and preseason.

Woodside spent the end of the 2022 season as Ridder's backup and clearly has an existing relationship with Arthur Smith. This could be why the veteran backup is still on the roster and could mean he will serve as Atlanta's practice squad quarterback and emergency option. It seems far wiser, however, to utilize this roster spot to bring in a wildcard at the position you can attempt to develop or a player specifically for short-yardage situations.

Atlanta clearly has starters locked in and will head into 2023 with Ridder as the starter and Heinicke as the backup.