3 Atlanta Falcons that should lose their jobs after blowout loss in Chicago

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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1. Arthur Smith

This is the obvious one for the Atlanta Falcons, going into the off-season. No matter how the final week of the season plays out this is a team that is going to have a losing record yet again and far too many blown chances to count. If you're looking at just games that Smith deserves to be fired for, there are at least four clear instances.

Losing to the Vikings and making Josh Dobbs look like an MVP is one clear game that can get a head coach fired with the season on the line. The losses to the Cardinals and Bucs were each completely unacceptable as well when you consider the stakes and the way each game finished.

Add in the loss to a bad Titans team and the one-win Panthers and you can take your pick of why exactly Smith should be fired. Two of these games in one season is more than enough to question your head coach. Add them all up and what defense does Arthur Smith have that is fair and accurate? If you're going to blame the quarterbacks who put them in that position? For Falcons fans to believe anything is going to change, Arthur Smith has to go.