3 Atlanta Falcons that should lose their jobs after blowout loss in Chicago

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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2. Desmond Ridder/Taylor Heinicke

Remember that Arthur Smith didn't provide competition for Desmond Ridder and didn't start the rookie soon enough to evaluate last season. The reason that the Falcons offense is in this position is both on the play calling and the quarterback play. Both of these lead back to Arthur Smith and the poor job that he has done in Atlanta.

However, this doesn't absolve this quarterback tandem of the absolutely terrible play we have seen this season. Heinicke was awful in Chicago throwing the ball wildly with many of his best throws being to Chicago defenders. It was the ugliest game of his career considering the situation and should have him cut at the end of the season.

Taylor is a great story but in this league that isn't enough to keep you on a roster. Cutting Heinicke saves a lot of cap space and should be an easy decision. Desmond Ridder should be the cheap backup behind a starter Atlanta fully believes in. Ridder's turnovers make him impossible to start but in a 2nd or 3rd quarterback role Atlanta can keep the third-year player around at least one more season.