3 Atlanta Falcons that will be given new roles in the 2023 season

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3. Matthew Bergeron

While rookie Matthew Bergeron appears to be a perfect fit at left guard it is worth noting that this didn't go so well the last time Smith and Fontenot attempted a switch from tackle to guard. While Matthew hasn't been named Atlanta's starting left guard it would be shocking not to see the rookie in the lineup in week one.

Considering how little competition he has in the role it is hard to believe there can be any other result. However, the last time Atlanta drafted and made this move was with current depth piece Jalen Mayfield.

Jalen clearly failed to live up to expectations and was never able to adjust to the new position directing traffic straight toward Matt Ryan in the 2021 season. While Arthur Smith has shown an incredible ability to get the most out of his offensive line there is reason for caution with Bergeron moving positions heading into his rookie season.

With a great offensive line in front of Desmond Ridder, the left guard is truly the only question mark on the unit and should be a player to keep a close eye on throughout training camp and the preseason.