3 Atlanta Falcons that will be in next season's NFL top 100

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1. Bijan Robinson

While there was a level of concern about the Atlanta Falcons drafting a running back inside the top ten Bijan Robinson was clearly the right decision. The back is yet to play a snap in Atlanta's offense and it is already clear that Robinson both fits the city perfectly and is on his way to becoming the face of the franchise.

Bijan is perfectly made for Arthur Smith's system and with his ability as a receiver is in for a huge season that should establish him as one of the best offensive weapons in the league. Bijan has surprising speed and an elite ability to keep pushing for positive yardage finding the gap and pushing the ball up the field never going sideways. A simple trait but one that helps make Robinson so consistent and will help make him special behind this offensive line.

Tyler Allgeier was an 1,000-yard rusher behind this same line and objectively isn't as talented as Bijan. It is fair to wonder what numbers Robinson is capable of putting up behind this line with a better quarterback situation.

Bijan Robinson is the offensive star the Falcons have been missing and is going to complete what will be a great 2023 offense.