3 Atlanta Falcons that will be in next season's NFL top 100

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2. Kyle Pitts

A slow start for Kyle coming off of a serious injury shouldn't be shocking or concerning. So many fans are ready to give up on Pitts obviously simply judging from box scores or fantasy football numbers and not the situation Pitts was in.

When Pitts was running routes and not used as a primary blocker the tight end was every bit as good as in his rookie season. The problem wasn't Pitts getting open it was Marcus Mariota getting the ball close enough for Kyle to make a play.

Pitts is an elite receiver and should find instant chemistry with Desmond Ridder who already showed a tendency to target tight ends. The addition of Bijan Robinson clearly is going to help both Pitts and Drake London greatly.

Kyle is a walking mismatch and with a quarterback now capable of delivering college-level throws the tight end is going to remind the league of just that. Kyle's struggles in year two had everything to do with playcalling and who was at quarterback.

The rookie that set the second most receiving yards for a tight-end of all time is still an elite receiver two seasons later his talent didn't disappear as so many seem to suggest. If there is one player with more receipts this off-season than Desmond Ridder it is Kyle Pitts.