3 Atlanta Falcons that will benefit most from hiring Zac Robinson

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1. Bijan Robinson

It is fair to say that Bijan Robinson's first season with the Atlanta Falcons was a bit of a letdown. Robinson flashed his talent but was not the impact player that he was expected to be. A large part of this was due to quarterback play and poor management from Arthur Smith. It was hard to get the young player going when you hand him the ball and there are 2-3 tacklers waiting at the line of scrimmage.

It was extremely difficult to find open space when the opposing defense knew you couldn't pass the ball consistently. Still, there were rookie growing pains for Bijan but a lot of the issues can be pointed at the quarterback and the head coach.

Zac Robinson is going to change life for Bijan, starting with spreading the field out and giving the back more space to work with. This of course will mean a more balanced offense and give Bijan more chances as a pass catcher and to run without facing a loaded box. This season will be the year that fans are reminded why the Falcons opted to take Bijan so highly in last year's draft and the impact he can have.