3 Atlanta Falcons that will benefit most from hiring Zac Robinson

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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2. Kyle Pitts

The way that Kyle Pitts was rushed back and the full injury info wasn't known until the end of the season was odd. It made it easy to question both Kyle's effort and talent with it being completely obvious he didn't have his full speed back and would quickly power down near the end of routes. Understanding Kyle's injury completely changes this perspective and should set the receiver up for a huge 2024 season.

Matt Ryan was the last capable quarterback that Pitts worked with and the rookie had a great year. Marcus Mariota was never on the same page with Kyle and the aforementioned injury issues prevented a big year that could have helped Desmond Ridder.

Regardless, Pitts now has time to get fully healthy and is going to be a completely different player under Zac Robinson. Zac understands feeding your best players and will use Kyle's size to take advantage of poor matchups. This is something that Arthur Smith never seemed to understand using Kyle as a lead blocker far too often. Pitts is a receiver playing tight-end and the Falcons should be using him as such. That will be the case under Zac Robinson who will use all of Atlanta's weapons including their star receiver.