3 Atlanta Falcons that will help solve the receiver problem

Yet again the Atlanta Falcons have ignored the receiver position this off-season seemingly content with an question mark filled depth chart
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If the Atlanta Falcons season started today it is easy to point to the receiver depth chart as the biggest question mark. The team lacks one receiver that has had an 1,000 yard season or more than one player that has consistently started over the last two years.

Drake London is clearly the primary option and is going to continue to develop, however, after London it is hard to feel confident about any of Atlanta's options. Mack Hollins is a great blocker with a huge catch radius but is yet to consistently put it all together.

Scotty Miller and Penny Hart are both interesting speed options but have been depth players to this point in their respective careers. Josh Ali has the potential to be this year's surprise breakout camp player but has a long road ahead to win a contributing role.

Every receiver Atlanta has on their roster after Drake London has clear reasons to be concerned about their level of production. Atlanta yet again has seemingly ignored the position looking for production from other positions.

Despite the clear issues at the position there is reason to believe Atlanta's passing game will be consistent based both on Drake London and three other players that will step up from other positions to produce as receivers.