3 Atlanta Falcons that will help solve the receiver problem

Yet again the Atlanta Falcons have ignored the receiver position this off-season seemingly content with an question mark filled depth chart

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3. Bijan Robinson

Arthur Smith's rushing attack has never had a player quite like Bijan Robinson. Derrick Henry has improved as a receiver out of the backfield but still isn't close to the receiver that Bijan Robinson is coming out of college. Bijan should be expected to be used often in the screen game and running routes to hunt mismatches out of the backfield.

Atlanta didn't draft Bijan inside the top ten not to heavily feature the back. However, with the aforementioned Patterson and Tyler Allgeier both looking for carries as well all three players will be given unique roles to make the most impact.

Allgeier is the only player whose role shouldn't change with the second year back clearly a power option that Arthur Smith is going to use often. Robinson and Patterson are both capable receivers and will be used to solve the issues at the position.

Part of what makes Bijan such an interesting weapon is the ability as a route runner that will put a lot of pressure on the opposing defense.

While the team ideally would have better depth at receiver there are plenty of reasons to believe that the passing attack will still take a huge leap forward and make Atlanta a top-ten offensive unit in the 2023 season.