3 Atlanta Falcons that will miss Arthur Smith the most in 2024

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1. Jonnu Smith

If Jonnu Smith is with the Atlanta Falcons in 2024 there is little doubt we will see far fewer designed plays to the tight end. While Kyle Pitts not being back to himself explains a lot, Arthur Smith designing potential scoring plays for Smith with Robinson and London on the field is part of the reason he is no longer a head coach.

Jonnu Smith was a featured weapon for Desmond Ridder and Arthur Smith. Smith finished the season with 582-yards and 3-touchdowns. In Smith's offense, this is an impressive accomplishment and speaks to how much he was involved each week.

With Kyle Pitts getting healthy and a coach that doesn't mind using his best weapons this production is going to go down. Even if Smith remains with the Falcons a quarterback change and the better weapons in front of him limit what Smith can do in this offense going forward.

He is a great depth option and should be kept on the roster, however, he isn't the primary weapon that Arthur used him as. Smith is better as the forgotten option with the opposing defense forced to fear London, Pitts, and Robinson. Jonnu will still play a role if he isn't a cap causality but expect his numbers to drop in 2024.