3 Atlanta Falcons that will miss Arthur Smith the most in 2024

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2. Feleipe Franks

If you're lucky someday you will find someone that loves you as much as Arthur Smith loved putting Feleipe Franks on Atlanta's roster. Atlanta fans were spared the decision this season with Franks dealing with a season long injury. However, Franks continuing to hang around after his first season is another example of the confounding decision making of Arthur Smith.

Yes, the idea of having your own version of a certain utility player in New Orleans is nice. However, it clearly was a failed venture after year one and yet Smith opted to keep him on the roster a second season. If Franks was healthy this past season it seems likely Smith would have done the same thing again.

Franks isn't an NFL player or anything close if we are being objective. He hasn't shown an ability to separate as a receiver, create space as a runner, or read the field as a quarterback. Franks is a great athlete and has achieved more than many athletes ever will. However, it isn't unfair to point out he shouldn't have been on this roster and with a new coaching staff likely isn't putting on an Atlanta jersey again.