3 Atlanta Falcons that will miss Arthur Smith the most in 2024

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3. Desmond Ridder

Considering that Arthur Smith benched Desmond twice there is an argument against this one. However, Smith also defended Ridder when he clearly didn't deserve it and continued to start him in the season's biggest moments.

Smith not only continued to put Ridder in the starting lineup but seemed to have a big hand in him being named Atlanta's starter this past season. Wisdom would tell you to bring in competition for a quarterback who wasn't viewed as a franchise option.

Smith opted to bring in Taylor Heinicke making it clear that he would be the backup option. Barring an injury or far down the road Ridder's days as a starter are done. It would be surprising not to see the new coaching staff bring in at least two options at the position. Players that either they plan to develop or veterans that can help that happen. Either way, Desmond Ridder should at best be looking to win the third quarterback role.

Smith gave his quarterback every chance to turn the season around and each time a new unforgivable turnover was created. Ridder's days as a starter are done in Atlanta and could be done in this league altogether.