3 Atlanta Falcons trades to land DeAndre Hopkins

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The Cardinals are clearly not getting a day-one pick for Hopkins unless someone is willing to badly overpay for a receiver who is on a contract the Cardinals are looking to get rid of. In this trade scenario the Falcons pay for Arizona to take a portion of Hopkins' remaining salary lessening the blow to Atlanta's cap in exchange for two picks Atlanta couldn't find talent close to the receiver's ability.

Looking at similar trades over the last year it stands out that teams are going to at best get a day-two pick for aging receivers. This isn't similar to the blockbuster deals we have watched teams make for receivers in the fact that Hopkins is already under contract and slightly overpaid with injury concerns.

The ceiling is still high enough for the Falcons to make this move in an offense that doesn't need DeAndre to be great to play at a high level. Adding Hopkins gives Atlanta three number-one options in Pitts, London, and Hopkin in an offense that is going to establish the run game.

An important deal to reference when gauging the potential price of landing Hopkins is the Cowboys' trade to land Brandin Cooks. Dallas gave Houston two picks a 5th and a future 6th. This suggests that the receiver market has perhaps cooled a bit when it comes to veterans on expensive deals leaving the door open for the Falcons adding Hopkins at a bargain price.