3 Atlanta Falcons trades to land DeAndre Hopkins

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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Considering the current market, Hopkins' salary, and Arizona's willingness to move on it shouldn't be at all out of the question that the Cardinals accept a 4th rounder if a team is willing to accept the salary. Taking Arizona off the hook for the salary Hopkins is owed over the next two seasons and getting a 4th round pick is a move that makes sense for both sides.

If the move is a bust Atlanta can move on next year eating a dead cap hit for one season while still having plenty of space. The Cardinals on the other hand have a chance to start fresh at the position focusing on getting the best draft pick possible and getting Hopkins off their books by the time they are ready to make a push to contend again.

Arizona trading Hopkins to Atlanta would give the veteran receiver a chance to impact a team that is clearly building a contending roster after spending the bulk of his career in Houston and Arizona playing with subpar quarterbacks and bad rosters.