3 Atlanta Falcons under the most pressure heading into the 2024 season

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is incredible at betting on himself and cashing in during his free agency chances. We saw this with Washington and with Minnesota. One could argue that none in recent history have played the contract game as well as Cousins has and found ways to cash in. This continues to be the case as he moves to Atlanta.

So far Cousins has lived up to his contracts when it comes to staying healthy and the numbers he has put up. This is where pundits would point out the lack of postseason wins. A fair criticism but if you dive a bit deeper it is hard to find a team in Washington or Minnesota that was destined for the Super Bowl.

Cousins has been a part of a lot of average rosters and put up great numbers. That is the baseline expectation for the quarterback in Atlanta. Not only is Cousins expected to put up great numbers but to lead this team to a winning season.

If both of these things don't happen the critcism is going to grow very loud for signing an injured quarterback to so large of a deal. Atlanta made the right move, with it, however, comes a lot of pressure on Kirk Cousins to deliver.