3 Atlanta Falcons under the most pressure in the 2023 season

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3. Kyle Pitts

A lot of the pressure that is on Kyle Pitts is unfair based on the number of times that Atlanta used Pitts as a blocking tight-end or Marcus Mariota missed on open throws. Pitts clearly is a great receiver putting up over 1,000 yards in his rookie season with very little help around him often with Ryan simply tossing it up for the big target.

Year two the production took a step back and an arguable dirty hit from the Chicago Bears ended the season for Kyle before the tight end could play with Desmond Ridder. Something to watch closely in the preseason is the chemistry between the two players and whether or not Pitts has the same burst early on after the serious injury.

Pitts' downtick in production is all about the lack of chances he was given and the missed throws from Mariota and no reason for real concern. Still, there is a level of pressure on Pitts as clearly Atlanta's number one receiver and playing with first-year starter Desmond Ridder.

Look for Ridder and Arthur Smith to get Pitts involved early on in the first two games of the season for Atlanta's best target.