3 Atlanta Falcons who are facing the most questions this summer

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1. Michael Penix Jr.

Two things can be true Michael Penix Jr. is both in a great situation long term and has been put in an uncomfortable conversation. The obvious question is how Penix is going to look in camp and preseason. Oddly enough if he struggles it is likely he faces less attention and pressure about the quarterback situation in Atlanta.

Yes, this is uncomfortable for a rookie who could be starting in this league. However, it also allows Penix to come in and get paid a top-ten pick salary while sitting back and learning from one of the better starters in the game.

Perhaps it is old school mentality that will soon be long left in the rearview but having a quarterback sit and learn is ideal. It is something the team failed to do with a decade of prime Matt Ryan opting always to add veterans behind the established quarterback.

It is part of what earned Raheem Morris the job offering ownership an "I told you so" when they failed to listen to his advice three years ago. Michael Penix Jr. is now the team's answer to that and is going to be facing questions and be put under the microscope with every Kirk Cousins missed throw.