3 Atlanta Falcons who are facing the most questions this summer

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2. Kirk Cousins

Let's be clear there are so many differences between the Green Bay situation and Atlanta's decision to draft a quarterback that it is a failed comparison. However, if it is one that the front office and media insist on making it is worth at least pointing out what Aaron Rodgers did each of the next two seasons after the team opted to take Jordan Love.

Rodgers is known for how he carries himself off the field and is built entirely differently than Kirk Cousins. What serves as motivation for some can tear down others. What will be Cousins' response to the situation knowing he is the starter for two years?

Cousins has been put in an awkward situation one the team won't be judged for if they are right about Penix. If they are wrong and adding Penix also hurts Cousins things are going to be beyond uncomfortable.

Your veteran quarterback has a history of being doubted and thriving under pressure when it comes to the contract situation. Will this prove to be the case with his new team replacing him before ever taking a snap? There are a myriad of questions for Cousins that can truly only be answered in the season.