3 Atlanta Falcons who are facing the most questions this summer

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3. Kyle Pitts

With the Atlanta Falcons already picking up Kyle's fifth-year option his future has a little more stability. Despite this, there are still so many questions facing the tight end heading into the 2024 season. Kyle Pitts had a great rookie season working with Matt Ryan but was still facing questions as to whether or not he was the right decision.

Two years later and the noise is much louder for a player that has failed to live up to expectations. With that said, labeling a player of Kyle's talent a bust isn't an option based on his rookie season. While he hasn't lived up to expectations Pitts has still been a productive player.

Why Pitts makes this list is based on how each of the past two seasons have ended. The 2022 season ended with an ugly injury that cost the tight end the rest of the year. Arthur Smith's staff never made it clear the extent of the injury to the fans and the next season it slowly became clear how serious it was and how far from himself Pitts continued to be.