3 Atlanta Falcons who are up next to follow Matt Ryan into in Ring of Honor

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons brought in Matt Ryan to speak to the team about what it means to be a Falcon. What followed was a speech that left many fans' eyes mysteriously watering. Ryan's speech was followed by Raheem Morris letting Ryan know he would be going in Atlanta's Ring of Honor later this year.

It is the obvious decision for the greatest Falcon in franchise history. Todd McClure and Roddy White are the most recent additions. In all 14 former Falcons have been given the honor. This speaks to the weight that it carries and the careful consideration it is given.

Of current and former Atlanta Falcons who could be next up to make it into the Ring of Honor?

Looking at both current and former Falcons in recent history three names stand out as obvious possibilities. This is with the understanding it isn't always about having a Hall of Fame career but about what you mean to the city.

The impact you had on your teammates and how you represented Atlanta. With this in mind, the first name is the most obvious and cannot be debated.

Julio Jones

Julio Jones is Atlanta's all-time leading receiver. If you're going to put Roddy White into the Ring you certainly need to include Julio. Watching the version of the veteran we have seen over the last three years makes it easy to forget what Jones was like in his prime.

His ability to outrun the field or power through the contact was otherworldly. An absolute monster when he lined up and a great teammate who always played his role. Jones wanted the football and that showed up in his play. However, the receiver consistently put the team first, whether it meant blocking or being the decoy Jones was a rare elite talent at the position who filled a myriad of roles.

Whether it was the elevator catch to beat an undefeated Carolina Panthers team, his catch from a laser from Sanu, or the often-overlooked Super Bowl catch there are far too many plays to highlight in his impressive career. Jones deserves a spot in the Ring of Honor and that is unquestionable.

Matt Bryant

There might be some pushback against adding a kicker ahead of what some would view as higher-impact players. Like it or not a kicker is pivotal in today's league and often the difference in the game. Bryant is a bit of an anomaly as well in the fact his best seasons were closer to the end of his career.

His ability to hit deep and clutch kicks made him often taken for granted in Atlanta. Bryant is Atlanta's all-time scoring leader and 14th in league history in field goals made. That is deserving of some love and perhaps a spot in the Ring of Honor.

Atlanta has a myriad of players with arguments they belong. It is a spot that has been given only to elite players or Falcons who embodied the city. Bryant has an argument on both fronts. Despite his position the former player was vital to each of Atlanta's playoff runs during his tenure.

Grady Jarrett

This one is a bit of a projection and considering the impact Jarrett has consistently had in Atlanta. While the defensive lineman doesn't have Hall of Fame-worthy stats, Atlanta fans know exactly how elite Jarrett has been.

If the veteran had consistently played with capable pass rushers the numbers would be gaudy. Teams consistently needed to simply block Jarrett on defense and dare anyone else to beat them. His time in Atlanta has often been defined by the lack of help around him.

However, the tackle had a historic Super Bowl and has consistently played at a high level. The talent changed by Jarrett's effort never wavered. Now if the veteran can be a part of the next Atlanta Falcons regime to return to the playoffs that is another accolade on the resume.

Return to the playoffs while playing at a high level and Jarrett should be heavily considered when the veteran decides to step away.