3 Atlanta Falcons who could become surprise contributors in 2024

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1. Avery Williams

Despite adding a running back in the draft don't be surprised if Avery Williams plays a role for the offense. His value comes in his developing ability as a pass catcher and change of pace style. He isn't the elite rusher that Bijan Robinson is expected to be but there is value nonetheless in Williams as a rusher.

With this in mind, the majority of his value comes with the new kick-off rules that are going to help set up players like Williams for big plays. The new kick off rule is going to set up a line of scrimmages that greatly benefit players that can make one cut and turn on the speed.

There is concern about whether or not Williams has lost a step after being away from the game for a full season. It is easy to forget that Avery started his career as a corner and worked his way onto Arthur Smith's roster as a back and kick returner.

With Atlanta's lack of depth at corner there is a very good chance Williams makes his way onto the depth chart there as well. Avery has immense value in bringing a chance to impact all three phases of the game.