3 Atlanta Falcons who could lose their starting role at the end of the 2023 draft

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Tyler Allgeier
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3. Tyler Allgeier

Let's be clear from the start here drafting Bijan Robinson and putting Allgeier in the second running back role is disrespectful to what Tyler accomplished in his rookie season. Adding a back even in the second or third round to give the Falcons a great duo and allow Patterson to return to a utility role makes sense.

However, if the Falcons were to go off script and take Robinson in the first round Allgeier would be the second option as season after finishing over 1,000 yards and often fueling the Atlanta offense. When something good was happening with the Atlanta offense it was often because Patterson or Allgeier were wrecking the defense.

Bijan Robinson wouldn't be a shocking pick from Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith considering both the offense the duo runs and the off-season they have had. Unless the team trades down Robinson is a huge reach even trading down there is an argument that taking a position that is already strong in the first round would be a mistake.

Everything about the off-season and Smith's history, however, suggests this is a real option the team may consider if the ability to trade down is there or if their top targets are off the board.