3 Atlanta Falcons who have the chance to become stars in 2024 season

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3. Arnold Ebiketie

This is not going to be a popular take but it is the only correct one when looking at Atlanta's defense. Pass rushers run the league on defense and the Falcons best chance of finding a surprise contributor is Ebiketie in year three getting increased snaps. The biggest knock on the pass rusher has been the run defense and ability to finish plays.

However, as the snaps have gone up the past two seasons the quarterback hits and sack numbers increased as well. There is reason to believe with starting Ebiketie can get past double-digit sacks and become the best pass rusher on this team.

While it might not seem like a big accomplishment the Falcons have been desperate for a capable pass rusher. Any player that reaches double-digit sacks or beyond is going to receive plenty of attention. Even if that player isn't the best-run defender.

However, there is reason to believe that the increased snaps and coaching will help improve this part of his game. Ebiketie is being given every chance to grab the starting job and put together a season that will get the young pass rusher paid and give Atlanta a real threat to get to the quarterback.