3 Atlanta Falcons whose job is in danger after the NFL Draft

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1. Tyler Allgeier

It is clear that not only is Tyler's job in danger but the second year back is clearly the second option. Bijan Robinson is the more talented and well-rounded back between the two players and will start the season as Atlanta's primary option.

The Bijan Robinson pick makes sense when paired with the Atlanta off-season and the way that Arthur Smith wants the Falcons to run the offense. However, let's not pretend it isn't a bit of an odd decision to add a back when you had a rookie in Allgeier rush for over 1,000 yards and clearly become a top starting option.

Arthur Smith's offense is going to have at least three running backs playing a contributing role leaving Allgeier still as a top option, however, a step back in production and snaps should be expected. Patterson and Robinson provide the ability to play receiver out of the backfield while Allgeier is more of an old-school running back. Tyler's numbers and snaps should both go in the wrong direction not based on his ability but less usage and the incredible talent that Robinson is.

While Atlanta's offense was clearly upgraded it would be understandable for Allgeier to have some frustration considering what the rookie accomplished in the 2022 season.