3 Atlanta Falcons whose job is in danger after the NFL Draft

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3. Mike Hughes

Before the draft and after cutting Casey Hayward it is fair to assume that Atlanta's starting options at the corner would be A.J. Terrell, Jeff Okudah, and Mike Hughes. However, on the heels of the draft and considering what Dee Alford brings to the team it is very possible Hughes goes from a starting option to the 5th or 6th corner.

While Robinson and Bergeron will get the headlines for Atlanta's draft class (and understandably so) the pick that is being missed by many happened in the fourth round of former Utah corner Clark Phillips.

The most interesting part of Atlanta's camp and pre-season will now be the depth chart battles at corner and receiver. Phillips should be favored to land the third corner role behind Okudah and Terrell leaving Hughes competing with Atlanta's depth for a contributing role.

Phillips was a steal for Atlanta at this point in the draft and clearly fits what Gray and Nielsen are building better than Hughes. Add in Dee Alford and Darren Hall and it is completely possible after the draft that Hughes went from competing for a starting role to competing for a contributing one.