3 Bad quarterback situations the Atlanta Falcons are jealous of

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2. Gardner Minshew

Atlanta Falcons fans will get the chance to watch a bit of Minshew magic next week in what is likely an elimination game for the Falcons. Anthony Richardson was the story for Indy this season, the talented quarterback needed time to develop but clearly was one of the more interesting starters to watch this season.

The Colts starters suffered a season-ending injury and Minshew stepped in to save the Colts season. Not only are the Colts now a capable team but they are a playoff team. Minshew in Atlanta might not be great in Smith's offense but clearly would have been an upgrade. Taylor Heinicke was viewed as a reliable backup when signed but was never given the chance to contend for the starting role.

Perhaps if the Falcons had brought in a veteran to compete with Ridder the situation would have resolved itself. The fact that Flacco and Minshew are such huge upgrades over Desmond speaks to just how terrible the quarterback situation in Atlanta has been.

Sadly enough for the Falcons, it is arguably better than last season under Marcus Mariota. Regardless, the Falcons preparation and adjustments at the position continue to show just how badly the team has handled this season.