3 Bad quarterback situations the Atlanta Falcons are jealous of

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3. Baker Mayfield

Every team in the league had a chance to sign Baker Mayfield. The quarterback was part of a bad situation in Carolina last season before redeeming himself with the Rams. Hitting free agency every team had a chance to sign the veteran and there is at least a third of the league that should have.

This includes the Atlanta Falcons a team that would be in the playoffs with Baker as their starter. Yes, Mayfield has been helped a lot by his star receivers. However, look at the talent this Bucs team lost last season and the lack of a running game. Baker is a gamer he showed this with the Browns and has further proven it this season with the Bucs.

Baker Mayfield still has his limitations but clearly is a top 10-15 starter in this league right now. The Falcons are far from the only team to overlook the veteran. However, it is yet another of a myriad of examples of capable quarterbacks that would have made the Falcons a capable offense.