3 bargain free-agent signings the Falcons missed out on in 2024

Three cheap signings the Atlanta Falcons should have made this offseason.

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3. Jeremy Chinn, S

Signed with Commanders for one-year, $4.1 million

The focus of the Falcons free agency was clearly on the offense. They have not signed a single defensive player this offseason and that is a mistake.

Yes, we still have the draft but there is no harm in trying to fill a hole before you are 'on the clock.' One thing the Falcons fare lacking is a big, physical safety like Jeremy Chinn.

Chinn wasn't what the Panthers thought he would be when they drafted him but the potential is still there and the Falcons could have used him. For $4.1 million, this would have been a low-risk, high-reward move by Terry Fontenot and would have taken pressure off of the decision-makers going into the draft.