3 Best Atlanta Falcons quarterback fits to replace Desmond Ridder

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The Atlanta Falcons will be in the quarterback market this off-season barring a huge finish from Desmond Ridder. At this point anything short of winning out and a great playoff game won't have Ridder in the discussion. Arthur Blank is a historically patient owner with head coaches.

This likely means that Desmond Ridder will be the fall guy for this season and Smith will get a 4th season with a new quarterback. It is also on the table with a bad finish that both Ridder and Smith are looking at new roles in the 2024 season.

Regardless of how it plays out, it is clear thus far that Ridder hasn't done enough to earn another season. There are flashes of greatness but those are followed by killer mistakes or Desmond simply dropping the football. Ridder's turnovers and Smith's playcalling make it impossible to keep Desmond in the lineup barring a drastic change.

Winning a playoff game or having a huge mistake-free day in his playoff debut would make this a conversation. Anything less and Ridder will take the blame for the lost season and Atlanta will be in the quarterback market. This leaves us looking for the best possible fits on the market with one name clearly standing above the rest.