3 Best Atlanta Falcons quarterback fits to replace Desmond Ridder

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Kirk Cousins

After Josh Dobbs flamed the Atlanta Falcons, the Vikings have come back down to earth at the quarterback position. It is clear how much Kirk Cousins was doing for this team. Cousins is a top-five quarterback in the NFC and arguably inside the top ten in the NFL when healthy. Cousins on this current Atlanta roster would be winning the NFC South and have the Falcons as actual playoff contenders.

This doesn't mean this is a Super Bowl roster but they could win a round or two with the level of play that Cousins would bring. Kirk is the perfect fit for Arthur Smith's system with the only downside being the lack of mobility.

Kirk would better utilize Atlanta's weapons and give the Falcons an attack that demands respect past the sticks. Atlanta has the cap space to sign the veteran and clearly is going to be a desirable landing spot with a very winnable division and great young weapons. In this scenario, the Falcons would sign Cousins and look to draft a receiver and pass rusher early in the draft. That is more than enough to win the NFC South and put the Falcons back to respectability.