3 Best Atlanta Falcons quarterback fits to replace Desmond Ridder

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2. Jayden Daniels

It is safe to say that Drake Maye and Caleb Williams are going to be off the board far before Atlanta has a chance to pick. This leaves Bo Nix and Jayden Daniels as potential first-round targets. Bo Nix would be a mistake of a pick that would end with the Falcons in the quarterback market yet again.

Daniels a great fit for Atlanta's weapons, however, the issue is Daniels is likely to be off the board before Atlanta's pick. The difference here is that Atlanta will have a far better chance to trade up to take Daniels without spending the future of the franchise. If the Falcons are willing to develop a quarterback Jayden is the best fit for this franchise. Draft Daniels and keep Ridder as the cheap backup.

This would allow the Falcons to build a complete roster saving money at the most important position. The downside to this move is that it yet again pushes the Falcons window to compete knowing they will be developing a young quarterback. The upside is the obvious chance to find a franchise guy saving cap space they can use to build a strong roster.