3 Best Atlanta Falcons quarterback fits to replace Desmond Ridder

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Baker Mayfield

If the Falcons want to go the cheap veteran rental route Baker might be their best option. Mayfield is set to hit free agency and is on the edge of being an average starter or an elite backup option. Sam Darnold, Jameis Winston, and Gardner Minshew are the other potential options in this category. The quarterback market is bleak when it comes to veterans.

After Kirk Cousins, you have a lot of average starters or elite backups. For Atlanta, however, any of these names are going to be vast upgrades over what they have gotten from Desmond Ridder this season. Baker is far from perfect but has a clutch ability that has kept what should be a rebuilding roster in the division race.

Atlanta was given a front-row seat as to what that looks like this past week with Baker putting together a game-winning drive to take the division lead. Baker is currently the best quarterback in this division and could easily hold that title on Atlanta's roster next season. The Falcons signing Baker would be about keeping the door open for Ridder and adding a cheap starter to focus on building out the rest of the roster.