3 Best head coaching fits if the Atlanta Falcons fire Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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1. Jim Harbaugh

Yes, Jim is a controversial figure one that seems to be either hated or loved with very little in between. What can't be debated about Harbaugh is what the veteran coach is capable of. We watched the 49ers go to conference games three straight seasons under Jim setting a record for a new head coach.

Falcons fans remember one of those games very well and what this team was capable of being under Harbaugh. It wasn't the stacked 49ers roster the franchise now has rather it was a well-coached team with solid building blocks. The coaching staff deserves immense credit for what they accomplished and were a drive away from a Super Bowl.

After a down year in 2014, Jim left for Michigan and built an impressive resume at the college level. Michigan has enjoyed its best run in a very long time under the head coach and looks to have a team capable of playing anyone on any field. With the recent controversy, however, and with some key pieces leaving perhaps Jim will consider a return to the NFL. If that is the case the Falcons should be chasing after a coach that has proven capable of changing losing cultures and getting the most out of his roster.