3 Best head coaching fits if the Atlanta Falcons fire Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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2. Brian Flores

Give the current Miami head coach immense credit for what he has accomplished. However, it is fair to say a lot of the building blocks and rebuilt roster are due to the efforts of Brian Flores and his staff. Flores is now the defensive coordinator for the Vikings and deserves another shot as a head coach. Atlanta would be a great landing spot depending on what happened to Smith's staff.

Ryan Nielsen has done a great job of turning around this defense and clearly is building something in Atlanta. Jerry Gray deserves massive credit as well and the duo has done nothing to deserve losing their jobs. If, however, the Falcons fire Arthur Smith will they decide to start fresh completely as many franchises do? Or would the team look to bring in an offensive head coach and keep what they have on the defensive side of the ball?

That question determines whether or not Flores is an option. Atlanta would be a great landing spot for Flores who could look to bring in a strong offensive coordinator and focus on his side of the ball. Regardless of how it plays out the Falcons and Brian Flores would be a great match.