3 Best head coaching fits if the Atlanta Falcons fire Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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3. Ben Johnson

Falcons fans will gladly sign up for a capable offensive mind that will want to use their top weapons as something other than decoys. Yes, Arthur Smith has been leaning on Bijan Robinson in recent weeks but that has only served to show what this team could have been earlier in the season. Why is Patterson just now being used consistently? Can the offense not get Kyle Pitts and Drake London touches in the same game? These are all problems that Ben Johnson solves on day one as your head coach.

The idea of Johnson fits considering that it likely would allow you to keep Nielsen and the defensive momentum while allowing Johnson to build his own offensive staff. This is the coordinator that has taken the Lions' offense and turned them into a playoff contender.

This has been done without having elite weapons or a top quarterback. The Lions have great pieces but how many quarterbacks and receivers do you rank before getting to anyone from Detroit? Give Ben Johnson immense credit he will have a myriad of offers this off-season.