3 Best landing spots left for Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan

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Matt Ryan
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Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was released earlier this week allowing the veteran quarterback to look for a new landing spot after a failed season with the Colts. It appears the Falcons moved on at the perfect time from the veteran.

Ryan deserves immense respect from Atlanta fans but clearly is no longer an option for the team. Bringing him back behind Ridder would never work and Arthur Smith clearly has no interest in allowing Ryan to have another run with his offense.

A reunion if and when Matt Ryan retires makes sense to allow him to retire a Falcon, however, for the time being, if Ryan continues to play he will be searching for his third team. Ryan had a few great moments with the Colts including beating the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The problem for Ryan was far too many turnovers separated these great moments and ended with Matt getting benched twice. For Ryan to continue in this league he is going to have to find a landing spot he can either contend for a job or is content backing up another starter. This leaves three clear landing spots for the Atlanta legend if he continues to play.