3 Best landing spots left for Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan

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Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

Is there a better gig in the league than backing up Patrick Mahomes? Former Chiefs backup Chad Henne retired with the Chiefs after winning a Super Bowl and having great moments in Andy Reid's offense in relief of Mahomes.

The last accolade missing on Ryan's resume is a Super Bowl ring. If you're going to transition to being a backup option there is no better landing spot than with Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes. A team that is consistently in the AFC Championship and has been to three Super Bowls since Mahomes took over at quarterback.

Ryan spending another year or two in the league behind Mahomes would be a benefit to both sides and perhaps give the veteran his best chance at landing another starting oppurtunity after a season with Mahomes and Reid.

This is all obviously speculative as how long Ryan intends to play after taking a beating over the past two years isn't clear. What is, however, is the fact that any backup quarterback in Kansas City has very little pressure while having the best chance in the league at finding their way to a Super Bowl.

If any veteran in the league deserves to end their career with a Super Bowl ring it is Matt Ryan and Kansas City gives him a shot at that.