3 Best landing spots left for Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan

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2. Arizona Cardinals

If Matt Ryan wants to extend his career as a starter it is very difficult to find a team that is going to be willing to allow him to compete or start with what is on tape for the last two seasons. Ryan looks like an aging quarterback who has been allowed to take a beating far too often in Atlanta and Indy.

However, if Ryan wants to start and holds out for the best landing spot to do so it may be with the Cardinals. Arizona is in a rough spot with neither the ability to draft nor sign a franchise quarterback with Kyler Murray out for much of the 2023 season.

The Cardinals need a bridge starter who isn't going to threaten Murray long-term but can at least have a chance at winning games. While there are a lot of fringe starters left on the market Matt Ryan is clearly the best fit for the Cardinals.

It is hard to see Arizona being any worse than the Colts or Falcons were over Ryan's last two seasons. Arizona gives Ryan a chance at establishing himself as a starter once again and going out of the league on a high note or opening up another opportunity.