3 Best landing spots left for Atlanta Falcons legend Matt Ryan

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Jordan Love, Patrick Taylor
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3. Green Bay Packers

It is clear the Packers are going to be forced to make a change at the quarterback position this off-season. The team has been in a consistent dance with Aaron Rodgers every off-season debating the quarterback's future and whether or not they are giving him enough weapons.

This seems to be the year that this ends with Rodgers leaving making the decision is made for the Packers. We know very little about this situation or how it will play out. What does seem obvious is the fact the Packers are going to need a quarterback either to help Love or to replace Rodgers if they don't have faith in Jordan Love.

Either way, it is either a chance for Ryan to start on a solid roster competing with Love or being paid to sit behind a quarterback who will need a veteran as he attempts to replace Rodgers. Either makes sense at this point in Matt's career and would be a clear upgrade over the teams he has been a part of the past two seasons.

Ryan doesn't have a clear path to starting any longer the veteran is either going to have to take on a bad team or be willing to sit behind a young quarterback if he wants another chance. Otherwise, Ryan's best path is hunting for a ring with any of the top contenders still in the market for cheap veteran depth.

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