3 Best quarterback fits for the Atlanta Falcons this off-season

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What the Atlanta Falcons quarterback position looks like in 2024 obviously greatly depends on how this season ends. If the Falcons make the playoffs, Arthur Smith likely keeps his job and the team will be in the market for a veteran starter. If, however, Atlanta fumbles the gift of a schedule they have the rest of the way a new head coach and rookie quarterback could be the answers for the Falcons.

Desmond Ridder simply hasn't shown enough to give any reason to believe he is a starter moving forward. A serious franchise can't afford to be patient with a player who simply hands the ball to the other team 2-3 times a game without a big play upside.

Desmond Ridder is in the same category as Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts when it comes to turnover numbers. The clear difference is Ridder is all of the risk without being capable of putting on the cape and carrying his team as both of the other two quarterbacks are. There is also the concerning fact that after missing two games Ridder is still near the top in quarterback turnovers. Barring a playoff run Desmond Ridder isn't this team's quarterback next season, leaving clear targets for Atlanta.