3 Best quarterback fits for the Atlanta Falcons this off-season

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1. Kirk Cousins

If there is one quarterback that can save Arthur Smith's offense it is Kirk Cousins. Yes, Cousins isn't a top-five quarterback or known for his playoff feats. However, the veteran quarterback has never had a run game or young weapons that Atlanta can offer the veteran. If Smith stays and Ridder isn't the starter, Cousins should be the team's top target.

Kirk as this team's starter in 2023 would have this team at least at 7 wins. Cousins is far from a perfect starter but after what the Falcons have had to watch each of the last two years the veteran is going to look to be a Hall of Famer in comparison.

Cousins can win the Falcons the NFC with the team continuing to build the defense and bring in another receiver. The Eagles are the only team that should truly scare other NFC contenders and in the NFC South the Falcons have a much easier schedule to claim the top seed or weather rough stretches of the 2024 season. Kirk Cousins off a serious injury is a small risk but he is by far the best fit in free agency.