3 Best quarterback fits for the Atlanta Falcons this off-season

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2. Jayden Daniels

The LSU quarterback has arguably had a Heisman-worthy season and is going to be at best the third quarterback off the board. When you watch Drake Maye and Caleb Williams the reasons why the quarterback isn't the top target are obvious. Both quarterbacks are top-three picks. This leaves the Falcons choosing between Bo Nix or Jayden Daniels when looking at potential first-round talent.

While Washington fans may not be happy with this take those are the only four quarterbacks worthy of a first round pick. The way that Daniels plays could result in turnover struggles at the next level. However, the quarterback (unlike Ridder) is capable of putting on the cape and putting a team on his shoulders.

Daniels would be a great addition for Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Bijan Robinson. Look for the Falcons to bring in a veteran receiver or two and this offense will be a top-ten unit next season with the rookie quarterback. Coaching and landing spots are everything for rookie quarterbacks, and even if Arthur Smith is still here Atlanta is the perfect spot for Daniels to thrive and give this franchise the star quarterback they are so desperate to find.