3 Best quarterback fits for the Atlanta Falcons this off-season

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3. Justin Fields

If the Falcons can't land Kirk Cousins or trade up for a quarterback in this year's draft the market is bleak. Kyler Murray is going to be pointed to by many Falcons fans but consider the contract you would be taking on. Aside from the injury concerns for Kyler, he has proven incapable of carrying a franchise without a strong roster built around him. Murray isn't the answer and the rest of the trade and free-agent markets are filled with problem quarterbacks.

Thanks to last year's trade the Bears control how this draft is going to go. With Carolina's pick and with their own top-five selection Chicago can choose whether they cash in Justin Fields or the prized shot to take Caleb Williams. Fields in Atlanta would be fun but potentially have the same frustrations as Desmond Ridder.

Fields is a far more experienced quarterback and is rarely allowed to throw the ball past the sticks. Justin has all the ability but has yet to put it on the field at a consistent level. If you're the Falcons this should be low on the target list but if the first two options are out of reach Fields is the best risky decision the franchise has left.